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Easy Licensing

Today, I want to share some thoughts about different forms of art licensing.

ArtVisions has a lot of very good art, but during our 25 years operating an agency, we have learned that art licensing is not a "one size fits all" business.

Committed to representing the best and the brightest mid-career, and established artists from the United States & Canada, Europe & Australia. Our goal is connecting artists and Licensees through our series of websites. The websites are configured to show a lot of art in a quick and easy manner.

Our mission is to make it fun & easy for you to view, select and license the art you need for your products, for your market and fits your budget. Our mission also emphasises "surprise avoidance for you, the client (and for us as well). Important considerations are art master specifications being suitable for your use. Defining and adhering to schedules. And, of course, a clear understanding of payment terms.

ArtVisions' new "Easy License" site has features of both RM and traditional royalty licensing, But with a difference. Starting with a simple form (we ask for only your name, web address, email address and Artwork ID you have selected for licensing). Supported by a pre-written license.

The process? Fill in the blanks, hit the submit button and the EASY LICENSE GRANT & ORDER SHEET form becomes Part 1 your license grant.

Part 2 is simply the "legal" terms that govern any/all licenses. It has its own page on the website, and a pdf is available if you want a hard copy for your files.

When you agree to the terms and make your payment via Stripe, PayPal or a company check, we will upload your selected art to a secure folder on Dropbox within one business day after receipt & deposit of your payment.

If requested, the download packet will include a copy of the license terms form Part 2 - which you will have already read on the website.

In summary, prepaid managed "Easy Licensing" from ArtVisions is fast, simple and safe.Terms and fees are clearly stated before you order. Easy as 1-2-3. Select Artwork; add your name, email + web link to our convenient form; make your Payment.

Want to know more? Then take a cruise through our website(s) and use the "Quick Question" contact form if you need more detail about any aspect of the web site(s).

Most of Our Artists Are Exclusively Represented by ArtVisions

This means that it is very unlikely that you will ever see one of our RM images on a competitor's product!

In order to keep prices reasonably low, we offer non-exclusive, world-wide licenses. Because we operate as a boutique licensing source, it is unlikely that you will need exclusive licenses. But, we offer an option for exclusivity for your product-type, incurring a slightly higher licensing fee.

"Boutique", as we use it here, means that access to the image gallery service is semi-private and a small group of pre-qualified artists are represented.

We will be using imagery primarily from a twenty-five+ year-old agency, ArtVisions™, who will handle all exclusive licenses.

Since ArtVisions is a full-service licensing agency, it is relatively easy to upgrade to an Exclusive license. Meaning that the exclusive image will not be licensed to a competitor during the term of your license with us.

Easy License Terms Agreement

General Terms Non-exclusive License - (common to all licenses):
Easy License General Terms Agreement